Help your child to be smart, catch them young and improve their focus and retentive memory starting from today….

To my Dear Proud Parents, Guardians, Sweet Loving and caring Daddies and Mummies;

“This is exactly what to do to make your child smarter, brilliant and more focused both book-wise and street-wise even if you have tried every method or tricks yet no effect or improvement”…..

By the time you are done reading this, you will feel sorry for not seeing this earlier and acting on it…….. 

But then, it’s still not too late…

Hence, Congratulations for sparing time to come here because by the end of this,

You will realize the missing piece to turn your kid into a genius whether he/she has autism, Attention Deficiency Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) or not….

I say this because I know how hurtful and disappointing it feels to work hard every day to grow a smart kid yet all you get is a dull and unfocused kid who lags behind in virtually all activities at school and performs badly in tests and exams..

The worst part is even after sending gifts and money to your kid’s teacher to make her pay more attention to your child, yet your hear complaints like:

He plays a lot in class, 

she is so unbothered and unfocused,

very dull in learning

and seldom sleeps while class is ON….

The most annoying part is when you do home study and mental assessment with your kid,

You realize that immediately you say sth, he forgets the next minute..

No wonder thoughts will be in head like

will this child be able to associate properly and compete with his peers’


‘will this child be able to succeed in life and be able to take care of me when i grow old’….

In fact, you would even go to the extent of admiring your neighbor Child who is very smart and comes back with good result even thou you are more successful than the parents..

Just like the daughter of mama-put seller who wowed people by scoring over 90% in almost all the subjects

Imagine how proud her parents would be and how the mother will be using it to make mouth (boast)


Like Chi Nnoka who emerged as Nigerian best in English Language at the Cambridge International exams and was recognized at the ‘Outstanding Cambridge Learners Award Ceremony’ held at Civic center Victoria Island

The truth is that these kids are not too special more than yours

Yes they are not…

In fact your child is more special than his/her piers

All you have to do is to nurture out the shining star in them..

Surprisingly, you can’t achieve that by forcing them to keep reading or flogging and insulting your child because he couldn’t improve faster as you want…

(you are hurting and making them hate you if you do it)

Now the question is:

How do I make my child smarter and intelligent?

The problem is that most parents think that there is no solution to making a dull, unfocused and dummy kids to be smart again.

They go on with this mentality thereby ignoring the child and focus more attention on the brighter one.

This is very bad and if you do this, kindly stop it already……..

The truth is there is no instant cure to achieving smartness but rather there are ways to gradually improve that dull child and bring out the best in him/her without using pills

For instance….

You can make your child smarter by developing the cerebrum part of the brain which will effectively

–>Increase the retentive memory,

–>Raise the IQ and

–>Reduces the stress level so she/he can become more focused…

Before I show you how to achieve this,

It is best for you to know that there are some primary factors that have roles to play in smartness and intelligence as stated by Professor of education Linda S. Gottfredson, University of Alaware

She said

‘Hereditary and Environment account for up to 50% of high retentive memory, smartness and increase in IQ level

This is the exact reason why back in your school days,

there are some students who do very well and tops the class even when they always play and make noise yet you study more than them, burn night candles and at the end, they will still pass you …

Hehehe…that shit pains sometimes..but they are just born that way because hereditary played out well for them…. 

Just like 9yr old genius kid by name Soborno Isaac Bari 

a Bangli American who started talking with complete sentence at the age of 6months,

and can solve any mathematical problem in few minutes even before the age of 9,

no wonder he later became the world youngest professor of mathematics

This kind of kid is born genius and his parents will be very lucky to have him

On the contrary…

It is impossible for every parent to have geniuses by birth but it is very possible to create geniuses after birth…  

The most effective and essential way to make your kid smarter, focused and high retentive memory is the use of


Yes!!! Adequate and healthy brain food in the right proportion does the magic


They are very important….

You gerrit?

Alright lets continue…..

These brain foods and memory diets

—> supplies enough nutrient to the brain,

—> eradicates the free radicals that alters the proper functioning of the brain

—> enhances the To & Fro brain blood flow..

—> support brain focus and eradicates stress and toxins in the brain

Now the BIG Question is:

Which food should I give my child to increase his mental ability and become smarter that he is currently?

(as recommended by Food and Nutrition Board and the World Health Organization).

  • Children need five or six daily servings of fruits and vegetables;
  • five servings of whole grains;
  • two or three servings of meat, fish, or poultry;
  • and two or three servings of milk, oatmeal etc

But wait!!!! You are already feeding your child with some of these meals and yet nothing happened…

Here’s why:

For you to see result,

You need to feed your child with plenty of these foods above in order to see result and improvement in a long period of time..

This is practically impossible and very expensive to implement, and even if you do,

your child might become a glutton and get overweight because there are some others nutrients in these same foods that might become excessive to the body at large…

To Solve this  

An experienced teacher Mr Johnpaul Otti and the entire team of health personnels at VICASON WELLNESS NIG

made a discovery of a foreign based product that contains the exact nutrients that are needed only by the brain in the right proportion…

At first, we were skeptical at what we saw but after doing some inner diggings,

we got something that amazed us:

research and experiment by Schoenthaler has it that

‘children taking the recommended daily allowance of this product for three months learned 14 different academic subjects at twice the rate of children given a placebo’

In more than 1 million children given at school,

academic performance improved by 16%, and 76,000 suddenly were no longer “learning disabled.”

This means that if you take these same product and give your child consistently, there is up to 80% high chances of seeing improved academic performance within or after some days, weeks or months…

Just like these comments/reviews below (zoom to read clearly if you cant see) 

 I guess u zoomed to read it and what you read amazed and made you wish it was you making this remark

Well it can be You and it can be anybody, when its your turn, you will smile too


If you have read to this point,

then I guess you really want to lay your hands on this product for you kid immediately…

But then, there is bad news and good news…

The bad news is that the product is very rare and scarce even in the international market,

we fought tooth and nail to be able to import them down here

and the goods news is that you can directly order them from these website only..   


A Family Must Have Product 

This tea contains 20 tea bags in each box and is a must have tea by every parent who has kids ranging from primary school level to secondary section.

Even as an Adult,

you can still take it to improve your brain function especially if you are experiencing memory loss or you are too forgetful..

Or As parents who are still giving birth,

this can increase your chances of giving birth to genius, hence you need this too


—> This tea is very natural and safe for your kids or You

—> It is a refreshing, flavored tea that is 100% vegetarian and herbal for Magic brain, mind & memory care.

—> it supports better memory, focus, and mental performance.

—> Give your brain the healthy nutritional boost it needs for learning, grasping, concentration and retention

How do I know If it is safe and How does it work?

Of course we made sure that this product is very safe and has no side effect,

hence no additive nor chemically induced raw material,

Since it is foreign based (China to be precised),

we made sure it is supervised by international body like FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA)

The product is also clinically proven with very essential ingredients

like green tea, semen pharbitidis, betel nut, semen quisqualis and stevia rebaudiana which are all brain-enhancing ingredients that make sure that you make the most out of your intellectual or cognitive capabilities.

Don’t just take our words for it,   

see what other parents are saying

Parent 1

Parent 2

Parent 3

Parent 4

Parent 5

Parent 6

Parent 7

Now that you are convinced, lets talk about how you can get this..

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But see, we at VicasonStore Brand don’t just want to sell this product to you but rather, we want to help your kid achieve your desired result,

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—> Each box of this tea contains 20 sachets each.

—> Carefully take 1 sachet, put in a cup, pour in hot water inside it,

—> Allow some minutes to brew extracts,

Then give your child to drink either once or twice per day after meal

Note that you can add milk to this and use as tea just as the way we do with lipton tea


You can add the liquid extracts to smoothies prepared at home.


So by now,

You may have made a decision to get this product and fix up your child/dren once and for all 

Or that you decided to call it ALL FAKE and pass this opportunity but one thing is for sure ….

It is either you continue seeing your child being dummy with poor grades (wasting your ,money on school fees)

while other kids with your neigbors kids excelling

Or you allow him/her to grow up with this and become a liability to the society

Remember, Your child/dren are the future/leaders of tomorrow and for them to be successful…

They need your help, they need to be smart mentally, fast and critical thinkers, good in decision making and catalysts for providing solution to human related problems.. 

This will help him/her to strive, adapt and succeed easily in any environment or field of disciple he/she find himselves in future whether in business, job, profession, travelling abroad etc

Listen, it does matter whether you are from the east, west, south, north, low class, middle class or first class citizen

Your goal should be to make your kid to be 10x better than you in future…

Just like this 18yr old conductor below who despite his class of life won a chess context and went home with 200k among other goodies….

In case you don’t know, chess is a logical game play made for smart, fast and critical thinkers…

So what are you waiting for… Remember the clock is ticking



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